WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is An Addictive Chemical.

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Aqua Salts from Marina Vape, They did it again with this line up. Rainbow Drops, Oasis, Sour Melon, Pure, Mist, Flow and Blue Razz are extremely flavorful and some of the best Salt Nic Flavors in the world. Recently Aqua just released new flavors! These include the new Cream Line Lush, Surge and Vortex. Also introduced a new tobacco line, Gold, American Red and also a new “Fresh” flavor Momentum.


Aqua Salts Normal Line

Blue Razz – Blue Razz Salt by Aqua Salt Nic is one of Aqua’s most popular flavors, The crispness of the blue raspberry is out of this world.

Flow – Flow by Aqua Salts is a fantastic tropical mix of mango, guava and pineapple. You don’t have to go to the islands to enjoy this blissful treat!

Mist – Mist by Aqua Salts is the E-Juice you have been waiting for, It’s a perfect mixture of peach, apple and kiwi, brings more flavor then your taste buds know what to do with.

Oasis – Oasis by Aqua Salts brings the flavors of peach, cantaloupe and papaya to a burst of deliciousness from your vape. Aqua has an amazing lineup of flavors an this is no exception, absolutely out of this world!

Pure – Pure By Aqua Salts is a sweet strawberry and watermelon with a pinch of sour green apple. This combination of flavors and salt nic is one in a million and might just be the best ever. When you try it, just remember we told you so.

Rainbow Drops – Looking for the perfect candy skittles flavor? Rainbow Drops Salt Nic E-Juice by Aqua is sure to be one of your new favorites, its delicious burst of flavor is unforgettable.

Sour Melon – The perfect gummy bear candy sprinkled with sour powder, Sour Melon by Aqua Salts is the best sweet-and-sour combination to reach your tongue.


Momentum – A full-fledged mango vape that never stops bringing that juicy, sweet, and delectable mango flavor. Meticulously tested and developed to be the perfect mango flavored E-Juice without any hint of harshness or overly sweet taste thanks to Salt Nic.

Cream Flavors

Cyclone – A cyclone of fruity cereal twisted and turned into a delicious milk flavor. A house favorite, Aqua Cream Cyclone embraces that joyous flavored milk finishes you get after a big bowl of fruit cereal without having to tip and turn the bowl.

Lush – Aqua Lush is a delicious combination of lemon and cream flavor. Embracing the essence of lemon bars within the tartness of lemons and a luscious creamy finish that creates a unique vape experience

Surge – Aqua Salts Surge by Marina Vape makes each inhale promptly satisfy you with the real taste of delicious ripe strawberries. Milky cream richness intoxicating your tongue and taste buds before the flavorings flood the palate on the exhale.

Vortex – A Vortex of complex and distinctive flavors. Aqua Cream Vortex showcases each aspect of a sweet creamy vanilla graham custard. With the subtle sweetness of honey and cinnamon sugar from the graham cracker meeting the creamy goodness of vanilla custard, its sure to be a unique and flavorful addition to your juice lineup.

Tobacco Flavors

American Red – If you’re looking for an e-liquid that embraces all the bold, natural, and full-bodied flavors of smooth American tobacco, look no further than American Red. American Red is an authentic recreation of the classic smoking experience.

Gold – Gold is a perfect blend of vanilla custard and tobacco. The key to this flavor is the subtle balance between the two bold flavors. The experience will enlighten your tastebuds with a burly tobacco inhale, and rich vanilla cream on the exhale.

New Menthol – Clean, cool, and fresh are the featured characteristics of this menthol tobacco inspired flavor. A satisfying blast of minty notes highlights the bold tobacco flavor.